How Amazon Became a Top Revenue Driver for Utz Quality Foods 

Before partnering with Marketplace Strategy (MPS), Amazon was a small fraction of business for Utz Quality Foods, a near-century-old snack brand. In this webinar, representatives from Utz and MPS walkthrough the company’s journey past many roadblocks, leading to success on the channel.

Dave Colgan (Utz) and Sam Jennings (MPS) discuss the specific nuances of Amazon that made growth a challenge, and how the brand achieved present-day success.

Download now to watch an informative discussion that covers the following: 

  • Ensuring profitability on Amazon 
  • Navigating CRaP issues in the grocery category 
  • Adhering to SIOC and other frustration-free packaging restrictions 
  • Streamlining your product assortment and advertising plans
  • COVID-19 issues and insights from the grocery category