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Offering Amazon Vendor Strategies for Aggressive AMS Brands

If a strategic and focused Amazon strategy is the key to increased, sustainable growth for brands, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the fast lane to success. Much like Google, the real estate for organic listings is shrinking, and paid ads are increasing in their above-the-fold presence.

 With a wide variety of ad and targeting options – and surely more to come  AMS is growing more complex by the day. For this reason, it’s increasingly more valuable to understand how the platform differs from other paid search engines and how to gain the best possible real estate for your brand on Amazon. 

The primary goal of any advertising strategy is to maximize the return on investment and drive revenue. During this webinar, we talk through the best strategies to attain the best possible return on ad spend. Many advertising campaigns fall short from a foundational failure to structure them in a way that clearly reveals what’s working, what isn’t, and why. This webinar will dive into the best practices, with proven results, for brands with extensive catalogs to structure AMS campaigns.


                  Ben LeMaster               

   Amazon Strategist


                Curtis Rummel               

Lead Marketplace Strategist


                  Dina Podnar         

              Marketing Manager

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